3F Safety Improvements

The primary focus of 3F is the safety of Arvadans, including pedestrians and drivers. Ballot measure 3F is a direct response by Arvada City Council to address citizen concerns about safety and traffic- without raising taxes

Ralston Road:

Anyone who has walked or driven along Ralston Road from Garrison to Yukon streets is familiar with the unsafe pedestrian conditions there. Access to buses and local businesses is limited. Improvements from the Ralston project will include widening travel lanes, rebuilding sidewalks and enhancing pedestrian crossings. The goal is substantially safer travel for both vehicles and pedestrians.

West 72nd Avenue

Along West 72nd Avenue, Issue 3F will allow for much needed sidewalks and bike lanes and will upgrade intersections with the latest traffic-signal technology. Once again, the objective is safety for all who travel along West 72nd. Another critical piece of the West 72nd project will be an underpass at the railroad crossing near Oak Street to alleviate current and future backups along this arterial corridor.

Of the many services the City of Arvada provides, one of the most fundamental is to keep traffic moving efficiently and safely. Arvadans expect City Hall to take up that responsibility with the highest degree of transparency and accountability. Voting Yes on 3F will help to accomplish that goal.

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Vote Yes on 3F

Safer streets for drivers and pedestrians

Less congestion on Arvada roadways

Without raising taxes