Let’s Work Together to Pass 3F

The Safe Streets Arvada campaign is asking for support from community members, business owners, and community organizations to inform, educate and engage Arvadans about the importance of a Yes Vote on 3F.  

There are many ways for Arvada community members to show their support for 3F and the Safe Streets Arvada campaign:

  • Vote Yes on 3F this November
  • Contribute to the campaign by mailing a check to Safe Streets Arvada: 8531 West 71st Circle, Arvada 80004.
  • Fill out the online endorsement form to add your name to the campaign’s supporters. And don’t forget to check the box and add your contact information to volunteer.
  • Show your support for 3F by displaying a Yard Sign at your home or business property.
  • Talk about 3F with your family members, neighbors and co-workers.  Download and print the campaign’s fact sheet to share it in the community.
  • Volunteer for the campaign to help us get the vote out this Election Day, November 6th.

Vote Yes on 3F

Safer streets for drivers and pedestrians

Less congestion on Arvada roadways

Without raising taxes