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Voting Yes on 3F will fund critical road improvements on two of Arvada’s major east-west travel corridors. These two big projects are focused on improving safety for pedestrians and drivers and reducing congestion across Arvada—without increasing taxes.

Ballot measure 3F was placed unanimously on the 2018 ballot by Arvada City Council. Ballot measure 3F seeks approval by City of Arvada voters for a $79.8 million bond, to significantly enhance safety and traffic flow along Ralston Road and West 72nd Avenue, that can be repaid without a tax increase.

Accountability to taxpayers:

The proposal includes transparency and accountability measures for taxpayers through annual reviews that will be released to the community. Additionally, the bonding funds will not go toward City administration and salaries.

Bonding 3F’s projects:

A Yes Vote on 3F allows the City of Arvada to utilize existing City resources, instead of asking for a tax increase. By bonding, the City can leverage current funding to pay off the bonds—allowing these projects to start immediately after voter approval and move toward completion faster, with fewer disruptions to the community.

Responding to Arvada citizens:

Both projects are a direct response to public feedback following extensive outreach about local needs and concerns. Arvada citizens provided their feedback through community surveys and a telephone town-hall meeting, an effort that was guided by the Transportation Advisory Committee and two citizen capital improvement committees. Through this process, Arvadans made it clear that they want the City to prioritize safety and reduce traffic congestion.

Click here to learn more about the Arvada road projects.

Vote Yes on 3F

Safer streets for drivers and pedestrians

Less congestion on Arvada roadways

Without raising taxes